Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Post

I started this blog so that I could keep track of my research notes.

Today I found Poppy in the 1910 Census. Aunt Carolyne confirmed that the family I found was his, as he did have a brother, William. It lists him as a plumber, but 3 years later on his marriage certificate he lists himself as a car repairman, though Aunt Carolyne thought he was always a plumber. Perhaps plumbing got slow.
After a bit of searching, I think I may have found Jeep's Uncle Patsy. I looked for Poppy's brother, Thomas, and found he had more brothers in the 1880 Census. There appears to be an error in the 1910 Census for Catharine, Poppy's mother. It lists that she had 7 children, 0 living. I think she may have had 9 children.

Wow. Poppy's parents and sister, Anthony, Catherine and Nellie Doyle, along with their neighbors, were counted twice in the 1920 census.

I want to know where the different wards of the city of Pittsburgh were located during different census years.

I just found that Pittsburgh's records from before 1906 were moved to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh instead of being stored at the County Records office. Good to know. The dates of what and where for Pittsburgh city records are here: http://www.alleghenycounty.us/wo/cert.aspx
I must make a request for a few new birth registries now that I have some new information on Jeep's family.

I looked briefly today into education or certification opportunities in genealogy. I would like to look into this further, but not at the expense of my engineering career. First I want to look into a membership with the WPGS.

That is all for tonight.