Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylor Alderdice

Thanks to a fabulous website called EVENDON.com, I have been able to find my grandparents' and great uncles' high school photos and stories.

My grandfather was in the first class at Taylor Alderdice High School. He graduated in 1931.

The Physics Club? Perhaps that's where I get my engineering brain! Thanks, Jeep!!

I suspected that I would find his younger brother in the next graduating class but I did not. I will have to investigate why.

My grandmother was part of the class of 1937. I wonder why her comment was "So Big." I find it neat that her photo was categorized as Ruth Betty rather than Ruth Elizabeth.

My great uncle Huck was part of the class of 1936. I wonder if it is a typo that he is Blair Frank rather than Frank Blair.

My great uncle John, http://www.evendon.net/PGHLookups/cgi-bin/HandOff-1_0.cgi?TAHS1942+TAHS1942+0060SP Class of 1942.